About us

Bottin de Famille is aiming at sharing a maximum of tips, initiatives and useful addresses with parents. It is the living memory of the Fribourg area and has been developed as a practical guide to support families in organizing their daily lives. Because when you have children, organization matters!

For you, we imagined and created this internet site, clear and dynamic. We wanted it as complete as possible to meet your daily needs with practical information.

The guide offers a good overview of the Fribourg region with address cards which describe the right level of information to help you to discover and learn about useful places close to home which offer friendly services to families with children.

The portal is made of:

a search engine: leisure, addresses and tips.

a directory listings relevant addresses which we controlled and illustrated with our own pictures.

a blog: moment of relaxation and inspiration for everyday

a newsletter: news and tips directly in your inbox every two weeks.


But who has this great idea?

Just a mother and a couple of friends. Curious, they want have a good time with their kids, enjoy a maximum of activities that suit the family and find the best deals in the area of Fribourg. Organized, they want to be well informed. The shared addresses are validated by VIP (Very Important Parents), grannies, grandpas, godmothers, godfathers, aunties, simply members of a family. Practical and easy to spread, just the kind of tips and experiences people share through word-of-mouth.

The doers:

Solange : founder and researcher.

Valérie : hunter of new addresses.

Inès: known for your great humor and high level of communication skills. She translates in a lively and dynamic style the information into her native language: German.

A team of modern Geeks who brought technically this site to life.


The creatives :

Véro : our communication expert.
Julie : graphic designer.


The inspired:

Dalila : her hobbies are good food and science. She is constantly testing phase but its purpose remains his tips / recipes / discoveries are accessible to all, the ingredients list not too long or complicated to find, prepare not too long but the final effect "Wow" or "Yum."

Etofi : inspired dad who shares everything that surprises him since he became a father.

Anika : shares her crazy experiences of her everyday life.

Raph : loves crafts; painting, sanding, sewing, renovation. Her moto "with little, we can do some really neat stuff."


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